Our School

Aurora House, named after the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), is a centre for primary aged children with autism.  It is part of Wyvil Primary School, which in turn is part of the Wyvern Federation. The centre is funded by Lambeth Local Authority. All schools in the Federation including Wyvil Primary School, Ashmole Primary and Vauxhall Primary School were rated Outstanding by Ofsted in recent inspections.

 Aurora House has recently moved into our newly renovated site at Kennington Park in February 2017. At this new site Aurora House will expand to cater to Reception, Key Stage One and Two pupils with autism, who are working at academic levels which are below national expectations for their age.

By 2018 we aim to have filled all of our 56 places.

Our values and ethos:

  • To provide a primary education of the highest quality through rich and varied learning experiences.

  • To have high expectations and achievement for all children at the heart of the school ethos.

  • To deliver highly effective teaching which ensures that pupils make outstanding progress, and equips them appropriately for the future.

  • To commitment to the personal development of each child to ensure a harmonious and happy school where we celebrate our diversity and share our goals.

 How do we cater to needs?

Every pupil is an individual with their own strengths and needs, and Aurora House provides high quality, personalised learning to meet the needs of every pupil. We do this through:
  • Small class groups with high staff ratios.
  • Highly skilled and effective Teachers and Teaching Assistants supporting each class
  • Accessible provision based on the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, with a strong focus on academic learning and developmental skills.
  • High expectations for every child to reach their potential in all areas
  • Facilities suitable to learners with autism, such as a soft play room, sensory room, therapy rooms and space for smaller group or 1:1 work.
  • Structured, calm, visually supported learning environments with resources such as individual timetables, PECS and Makaton as appropriate to each learner.
  • Use of the TEACCH approach and SCERTS Model across the school.
  • Play based learning philosophy, as children learn best when they are motivated, engaged and having fun.
  • Strong focus on communication skills and personal development embedded across the day.
  • Focus on working together with families and therapists to extended the learning across home and school
  • Working together with schools in Lambeth to share and support best practice across the borough.

Part of the Wyvern Federation