Our staff Team

Aurora House is part of the Wyvern Federation, which is comprised of Wyvil Primary School, Vauxhall Primary School and Ashmole Primary School.

Christopher Toye is the Executive Headteacher of the Wyvern Federation, Andrew Terrey is the Headteacher of Wyvil Primary School and Cordelia Cooper is the Acting Head of Aurora House.

Each class has a Specialist Teacher, with Highly trained teaching assistants supporting the pupils across the day.

Our therapy team consisting of a Speech Therapist, Occupational therapist and therapy assistants work very closely with the class teams to support the therapy needs of each of the pupils.

The whole staff team receive regular training to ensure they are highly skilled in working with all of the pupils to meet their needs.


Senior Leadership Team:

Executive Head Teacher: Christopher Toye

Head Teacher : Andrew Terrey

Acting Head of Centre: Cordelia Cooper

English Subject Leader: Paul Sant

Maths Subject Leader: Carolyn Clifford


School Business Manager: Valerie Pryce

Premises Manager: Brendan McShane


Class Teams:


Snowy Owl Class: Chantal, Jo & Mayllah

Seal Class: Jose, Sonia & Tanya

Penguin Class: Fionn, Dani & Ebony

Elk Class: Christina, Gabi & Mericia

Husky Class: Carolyn, Diana, Ellie & Nicole 

Arctic Fox Class: Paul, Lubna, Rebecca & Daniela

Polar Bear Class: Ben, Lorraine, Nicole, Jonathan & Monica



Senior Administration Officer & Federation Admissions Officer (Vauxhall & Wyvil): Marie McLeod

School Admininstration Officers: Maria Rocha, Francesca Scarampi and Ana Santos

Part of the Wyvern Federation